well-executed professional writing as content is becoming more and more valuable in our digital-and-print culture. stand confidently behind what you want to express through glossing work of proofreading and copywriting.

poetry breathes out what is necessary to convey but its own concentrated form and directly from the heart. its ability to be cross-curricular makes its worth even more goal-fitting in schools, state parks, and a variety of venues.

photography is wordless and yet full of language and meaning all at once, especially when done with eyes geared toward picking up on what truly matters in life.


while professional writing often involves interviewing in-person, by phone, or via email, the deeper value of being interviewed as final videography to share online also has a place in bringing out the positives, best details, and heart of a story to tell. when you want to put together a story well in a visual sense, professional interviewing on camera can be an excellent choice to bring this all to the proverbial screen as a way to communicate who you are and the impact you’re working to make locally and beyond.

the labors of our fingertips: poems from manufacturing history of berks county

as a three-year poetry project completed in 2017 and still shared as programming of readings in schools, colleges, historical societies, retirement homes, libraries, art galleries, and cultural centers, the labors of our fingertips: poems from manufacturing history of berks county is deeply rooted in the preservation of stories which might otherwise be lost. funded in part by state arts grant funding from the pennsylvania council on the arts , the three volumes from this effort involve 75 poems in total and honor the identities, work ethics, and lives of seniors who are so integral to the fabric of our nation.

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