my blog for the world: an introduction

have a seat. make yourself digitally comfortable. stay for a bit. let’s talk about life for a little while.

for several years, i’ve wanted to create a blog for the world. since i write mostly local and regional articles, certain topics i wanted to write about were ones i knew would be good for people’s hearts and with psychological benefit and need, but they weren’t necessarily something local editors and publishers would be interested in enough to approve in moving forward.

the scope and reach is just at a different level compared to their goals. yet i understood that in time, i would know when the right particular kind of moment sauntered along for me to create this blog for a wider reach of people.

and i see that now is that time, as life in the lives of many globally is shifting in a new direction ever since the corona virus (covid-19) pummeled on into our days across so many droplets we have not been able to glimpse empirically with our eyes. we are in our homes more now, on the internet even more than before, and hopefully also in our backyards out in the sunlight more than we can admit to be the truth of our past selves.

for the first time in my life, i’ve been able to catch up on more and more across my jobs and all else because of societal and economic impacts in many of us mostly staying in our homes by day for safety reasons. that seems to be happening for a good number of us, something long overdue.

as major changes are filtering into our midst in how we all operate daily across cultures, it seems clear to me that we all need a place to go to for words, conversations, and discussions bumping with necessity within us, the often previously unspoken now itching to reach the surface of our talks and thoughts. we are often googling any number of quick phrases of what we’re going through, what we’re struggling with internally, what we want to understand more.

my heart-hope is that you might stumble across this blog and its future articles, taking comfort in something you were searching in looking to discover some degree of an answer, finding solace, useful information, a perspective you haven’t heard directly before, or some other version of satiation and comfort for yourself or to pass along usefully to someone else in your world who matters to you quite a bit.

i’ll be sharing my observations, life-moment stories, introspective brain-thoughts, all kinds of interviews, and words i feel our hearts require but don’t always track down in other arenas in the physical world or across the messy yet wonderfully resourceful web-realm we call the internet.

while i’ve compiled a lengthy list of article topics to work through here, i’m open to the possibility of new ideas and interviewing those who can speak well on certain subjects—feel free to reach out with your responses and suggestions, if you have something to offer idea-wise for the good of the world and what people would benefit from reading in mood-perking ways for what is underneath our skulls and ribcages.

thank you for stopping by. remind yourself to slow down within sometimes, and also remember to dance alone at home once in a while, or with those you love, as stillness and movement are everything in life—your brain will nod in thanks, from the inside.

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